General Article Writing Instructions

The writing task here is to generate keyword-rich, articles from a keyword that I provide.

I’m going to use the keyword “Weeping Cherry Tree” as an example.


General Rules

  1. Important: Use a free Grammarly account to correct spelling, punctuation, idiomatic errors before submitting
  2. Always cite sources so it would look like this: “The Cards Against Humanity website advises…”.
  3. You’ll check keyword density to ensure that no keyword is over 2% (use this tool)
  4. Include the source URLs in this format: “Blah blah blah ( blah blah.”
  5. Keep keyword density below 1.5%


How It Will Work

  1. I’ll give you a keyword like “Weeping Cherry Tree” and a word count. For example, 1,000 words.
  2. You’ll add 5+ sections of content targeting different keyword concepts until you fill out the word count.

For example, you can use Google’s Typeahead Feature to discover some new sections to add.


Using the “weeping cherry tree” keyword, if you type it into Google, you’ll see a drop-down like:

General Article Writing Instructions

So you could add sections on “cost”, “dying”, “care”, “diseases”. These additional sections will help fill out the word count. You’re just trying to find some extra ‘themes’ you can write about- so just use Google’s typeahead/autosuggest to get more ideas and write up blurbs on these topics.


Also, use Ubersuggest to find some extra themes there. You just enter the keyword into this site and it provides some useful keyword research (below I used a different keyword for a different site, but you get the idea):

Keywords Idea

Sometimes UberSuggest returns unrelated terms- so just use your discretion to only include sections actually related to the topic.

Below, you can see a post targeting the keyword “Xpadder”, this is how the finished content with these keyword sections is outlined:


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